My Rants

My Rants
Flash is Evil
Okay, so Flash is not really evil. Macromedia Flash is a multimedia technology that allows web designers to add animation to web pages. Now, according to Macromedia's sales hype, "Macromedia Flash MX is the solution for developing highly visual interactive content and applications that deliver breakthrough experiences with significant return on investment." So what's the truth?
Frames are Evil
Frames are a method of constructing a web page where the "page" displayed in the web browser is composed of multiple actual pages. The file that pulls these individual frames together and describes how they are laid out in the browser window is called a frameset. If you've been surfing the internet for any length of time, you've no doubt seen framed pages before.
How to Avoid Search Engine Suicide
So much has been written on the topic of search engine optimization that it can be a bit overwhelming. Do a Google search on the exact phrase "search engine optimization" and, as I'm writing this in November of 2004, Google will return a result set consisting of 6,130,000 matches!
JavaScript Menus - Good or Evil?
Let me begin by saying that any pop-up menu on a web site requires JavaScript in order to function. However, there are different ways of implementing that pop-up menu functionality. Our discussion here relates to the difference between a menu that is entirely done in JavaScript as opposed to a menu that simply uses JavaScript to reveal or hide page content. The difference is important!
Popup Menus
I know you've seen them. The menus that, when you pass your mouse cursor over something, a menu drops down with a number of different links. They seem to be all the rage right now and, in some cases, they are an appropriate method for site navigation. However, depending on how they are implemented, there can be problems.
Pop Up Windows
Okay, I know, you're just waiting for me to say something like pop up windows are evil. Some people do feel that way. They contend that, if they want something opened in a new window, they will right-click the link and choose "Open link in new window".
Spans are Evil
Are you still using tables for page layout? If you use an authoring tool like Macromedia Dreamweaver, a very good tool by the way, you can easily fall into a trap. Dreamweaver makes it very easy to lay out a page using a feature called "layout view". When you use layout view, you simply use the mouse to "draw" tables on the page. It allows a huge amount of flexibility in designing your page and allows you to place elements wherever you want them.
MS Windows Resources
Okay, so you've got this fancy 2GHz Pentium IV with 256Mb of RAM and Windows 98. Still, applications seem to be running out of memory. They run slow, or you may receive the dreaded "Unable to create control" message, or worse yet the entire operating system freezes up. What the heck is the problem?
Using Mailto in a Form Action
FAQ #6,384,279: What's the easiest way to send a form's results to an e-mail address? Answer: Just use mailto in the form's action attribute.