Send a Link to a Friend

Sorry, a recent security update for Internet Explorer blocks sending the HTTP_REFERER header to pop-up windows. That prevents this script from working. Perhaps I'll get around to fixing it some day. Thanks for understanding.

Have you ever wanted one of those links users can click to send a link to a friend? Here's a ready to run Send a Link to a Friend script. Its all contained in one simple page. All you need to do is extract the sendlink.php file from the .zip file, and upload it. You can download the file here.

When you link to sendlink.php, it will display a form asking for the recipient's name and email address and the sender's name and e-mail address. All fields are required. The script will also do some rudimentary validation to ensure that the email addresses are in the correct format and that the domains actually exist. It does not check to see that an MX record exists for the domain.

You can try it out here. Send a link to a friend.