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Dynamic Site Map with PHP
Script: This is a script, written in PHP, that will generate a site map based on the directory structure of the site. You can easily exclude files and/or directories.
Forcing a Download Dialog
A fairly common question is, "How can I force a file to download to the user?" The answer is, you really cannot. What you can do is force a download dialog box that gives the user a choice to open or save a linked file, or to cancel the request.
Form to E-mail Processing
Tutorial: A tutorial on how you can use PHP to process form submissions and send the results to an e-mail address.
Multiple Page Forms
Tutorial: So you have this long, involved form. Rather than present the user with a myriad of inputs on a single page, you want to break this up into separate form pages. So now you're asking, "How do you make multiple page forms?"
Processing XML/RSS with PHP
In the beginning, the Internet was a simple mechanism for exchanging text data. Various markup tags were devised to represent various levels of text headings, paragraphs, lists, etc. At that time, those tags were sufficient to represent the data being exchanged. Now, more types of data are being represented and that data is being displayed on a variety of devices, not just visual web browsers.