100% Table Height
Occasionally designers may want to center content in a web page and they want it centered both horizontally and vertically. The traditional method for doing that is to put the content into a table and to assign a values of 100% to the table's HEIGHT attribute and center to the ALIGN attribute. Recently, that approach has become more problematic.
Drop Cap Example
An example of creating a drop cap using CSS.
Dumping Frames
So you've decided to convert your framed pages into normal pages. This will help you make the transition.
Dynamic Event Handlers
An illustration of assigning an event handler to form text inputs allowing you to show a label in the input that is cleared when the input gains focus and restored when it loses focus if the user did not enter anything.
Form Target Pop-up Window
How to set a form's result to open in a pop-up window.
How to Create a Scroll Bar
A frequently asked question is how to create a box with a scroll bar for displaying content. Okay, I'll tell you, but first I have to rant a bit. I just hate those little scrolling boxes.
Image DPI on the Web
Do you want to understand how image DPI affects images on web pages? Consider this formula: 1 = 1. That's all of the math you'll ever need to understand how an image's DPI settings will affect how it will be viewed in a web browser. That's because image DPI is irrelevant on the web. That's a bold statement and there seems to be a lot of confusion on the subject. But once the irrelevancies have been stripped away, the reality is as simple as the formula 1=1. Let's see why this is so.
Page Layout 101
In the beginning, the Internet, and more specifically the world wide web, was a way of exchanging information between universities and government agencies. The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) was developed to accommodate exchanging documents between different computer systems where most existing document types would be incompatible with the different computer systems.
PNG Alpha Trasnparency
There are tons of pages that extol the virtues of the Portable Networks Graphic (.png) image file format. The png format has been around for a long time and offers some superb capabilities, including alpha channel transparency.
Rounded Corners Example
How to make a box with rounded corners, without using a table and using only a single background image.
Table Cell Colors
Question: How can I make an entire table cell change colors when the user mouses over it? This example illustrates how to use an entire table cell as a link and to have it change color with the user's mouse passes over the cell.
This example illustrates using and manipulating content translucency using CSS for the translucency and JavaScript to manipulate it. The effect works in Internet Explorer 5+ on Window machines and in Netscape 6+, Mozilla, and Firebird. Browsers that do not support it will see the translucent content as opaque.